car dent shopWhen it comes to your cherished vehicle being involved in an accident, getting scratched, or receiving dents from a nasty hailstorm, we know that it can be upsetting and stressful for you. In times like these, you’ll want to entrust your vehicle with someone who will treat it with the care that you would give it.

While dealerships and other shops can do repairs on your car, you’re much better off taking your vehicle to a specialty dent and repair shop. Here are 4 big advantages you’ll experience when you bring yours to a specialty shop!

Specialized Knowledge – One of the best things about going to a specialist for your repair needs is the specialized knowledge that the workers have. Many places like DentNation will have hundreds of years of combined experience, which means that your car is in the hands of true experts. From scratches, creases, and dents to major collisions and everything in between, you can count on a specialty shop to tackle the problem with all the tricks of the trade.

Quicker, More Accurate Results – We know you want your car back as soon as possible after it’s been dented or involved in an accident. Specialty repair shops will work to get your car in as quickly as possible and will dedicate themselves to getting the repairs done as quickly and as accurately as possible so you can get your fixed-up ride back on the open road again.

Flexibility – It can be frustrating to make several calls to get the process of fixing your car complete. Many specialty shops, however, can eliminate those calls for you. For example, DentNation provides towing services after an accident has occurred, and we will then work to fix your vehicle once it comes to our shop.

Trust – Having confidence in the people who will be taking care of your car makes the whole experience better for everyone involved. You’ll be able to relax knowing the vehicle that you spend so much time in is in the hands of experts that you know and trust.

We don’t want you to have to experience any mishaps with your vehicle, but if it ever does happen, make sure that you pick up the phone and call DentNation right away at (314) 968-8000. We have immediate openings and will work tirelessly to ensure that your vehicle looks as good as new! Learn more about who we are and why more people are choosing us at!