car accidentIt happens. A nasty storm peels out and nails your car with huge hail. After the storm blows over, you go outside to check the damage and can see visible indentions on your vehicle. You probably have several questions running through your head – What do I do? How do I file a claim? Am I going to be covered for this type of damage, and will my rates go up?

If you have comprehensive coverage, then there’s great news in store for you! Hail damage is actually classified as a comprehensive claim instead of a collision claim because it doesn’t involve another vehicle. If you happen to have comprehensive coverage, you will be covered in the event hail occurs and damages your car. Typically, whatever deductible level you have chosen on your policy for comprehensive coverage is the amount of the claim you will need to pay out of pocket. From there, your insurance will take care of the rest.

Hail, fire, theft, vandalism, and coming in contact with an animal or falling objects, are considered as “acts of God” by most insurance companies. Because of this, your rates will not go up in the event that you get hail damage!

In order to take advantage of comprehensive coverage, you’ll need to talk to your insurance agent. They’ll be able to give you the proper coverage you’ll need, especially if you live in an area that’s prone to getting hailstorms.

If you happen to receive hail damage from any mean storms that rip through the area, bring your car to the experts at DentNation! We’ll make sure that your ride looks like it did before the storm. Call us at (314) 968-8000 or find us online at to learn more!